DIXIECON 36 - May 27-29, 2022

  • Chapel Hill, North Carolina 
  • May 27-29, 2022
  • Three Rounds of Diplomacy
  • Also Terraforming Mars event, Speedboat Tourney and Open Gaming
  • Cost:  TBA
    • Contact: DavidHood@dixiecon.com

Dixiecon is the longest-running Diplomacy tournament in the world, featuring three rounds of Diplomacy and all the open boardgaming you can shake a stick at! Come to the tournament that has been the scene of thrilling Diplomacy gaming since 1987, including as host convention for the North American Championships, Dipcon, in 1990, 1994, 1998 and 2002. Dixiecon also served as the host of the world championships, World Dipcon, in 1990, 1998 and 2014.  

What keeps people coming back for more? Many of the best Diplomacy players in North America come every Memorial Day to face off against each other in a format which allows for the true "Diplomacy Cream" to rise to the top. Diplomacy is played best as you first learned it - without time limits. Except for the Sunday round, which by necessity must be ended by 6pm at the latest, the Dip games at Dixiecon end when someone gets 18 centers, or when everyone still alive on the board says it ends!

Some people come because of Dixiecon's long tradition of fine play, good sportsmanship, and infectious comradeship born of sharp play over a map of Europe.

Some people come because they want to match wits with other games in the Iron Man of Gaming, the tournament for all the non-Diplomacy games played over the weekend.  We will also also a standalone Terraforming Mars tournament for the third year - we call it Terradipping.

Still others come because of the low cost of the event - at $35 registration and $35 per night to share a room, this is easily one of the most inexpensive venues for tournament play.  

And there really are some who come just to eat Eastern North Carolina style barbeque on Saturday night! 
Whatever you are looking for, we hope you will find it at Dixiecon 36 this Memorial Day Weekend!