DIXIECON 36 - May 27-29, 2022

Dixiecon History

Dixiecon began as a way for the Carolina Amateur Diplomats to get more involved in the wider Diplomacy hobby. In 1984, the core CADs discovered the game when they tired of rolling all the dice in a Risk game. Centered in Charlotte at that time, the CADs played close to 100 recorded games with their own scoring system before they discovered the wider hobby in 1986.

With David Hood, Michael Lowrey, Paul Woods and others moving to Chapel Hill for college in fall 1984, the CADs branched out to the eastern part of the state and began to build their numbers to a much larger size. After a trip to Dipcon 1986 in Fredricksburg, VA, the CADs decided after urging from hobby legend Larry Peery to begin Dixiecon both as a club gathering and a wider hobby tournament.

The 1987 event was largely CADs and nearby Virginians, but over the next couple of years interest swelled in the event, largely because the games were conducted without time limits and because of the high quality of the play. By 1990, Dixiecon was hosting Dipcon and World Dipcon on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus, with a total attendence of about 120 (some of whom played the side tournaments in 1830, Titan and Nuclear War, big Dixiecon favorites at the time.)

The 1990's saw big changes with Dixiecon. The first Beltway Invasion began, with a group of Maryland/DC area Dippers beginning to dominate play, such as Mark Franceschini and Jim Yerkey. Later in the decade, this would be supplemented with a new wave from the same area of the country, the Pitkissers. Although Diplomacy people sometimes assume that good players will get destroyed in later tournaments because of their reputations, the evidence at Dixiecon does not bear this out. Strong players like Chris Martin, Bruce Reiff, Tom Kobrin and Steve Koehler continued to show up in the Hall of Fame list multiple years, with Chris Martin doing a hard-to-believe repeat in 1998/99.

The last few years, since the 2002 Dipcon, have seen a resurgence of attendence at Dixiecon as the wider Diplomacy hobby has added players to most tournaments. There were times, particularly in the early 1990's, when Dixiecon was one of only a small handful of Dip events continent-wide. Happily, there are now a dozen or more tournaments vying for an expanded number of FTF Dippers. We hope you will give Dixiecon a try.


1987 - Dixiecon I
1. Morgan Gurley (NC)
2. Rob McCarter (VA)
3. Jim Ulaky (NC)

1988 - Dixiecon II
1. Mark Stegeman (NC)
2. Morgan Gurley (NC)
3. Chris Kremer (NC)

1989 - Dixiecon III
1. Dave McCrumb (VA)
2. Morgan Gurley (NC)
3. Dan Sellers (NC)

1990 - Dixiecon IV/Dipcon/World Dipcon
1. Jason Bergmann (GA)
2. Jeff Bohner (NY)
3. Steve Cooley (CA)

1991 - Dixiecon V
1. Mark Stegeman (VA)
2. Carl Willner (DC)
3. Bob Odear (NC)

1992 - Dixiecon VI
1. Mark Franceschini (MD)
2. Tom Kobrin (NC)
3. Phil Sasse (GA)

1993 - Dixiecon VII
1. Jim Yerkey (MD)
2. Steve Nicewarner (NC)
3. Todd Craig (NC)

1994 - Dixiecon VIII/Dipcon
1. Bruce Reiff (OH)
2. Mark Franceschini (MD)
3. Marc Peters (WI)

1995 - Dixiecon IX
1. Marc Peters (WI)
2. Bruce Reiff (OH)
3. Todd Craig (NC)

1996 - Dixiecon X
1. Bruce Allen (NC)
2. Steve Koehler (NC)
3. Bruce Reiff (OH)

1997 - Dixiecon XI
1. Bruce Reiff (OH)
2. Todd Rogers (NC)
3. Steve Koehler (NC)

1998 - Dixiecon XII/Dipcon/World Dipcon
1. Chris Martin (NY)
2. John Quarto (MA)
3. Mark Fassio (NY)

1999 - Dixiecon XIII
1. Chris Martin (NY)
2. Dan Schlick (CA)
3. Mark Franceschini (MD)

2000 - Dixiecon XIV
1. Tom Kobrin (NC)
2. Bruce Reiff (OH)
3. Andy Marshall (MD)

2001 - Dixiecon XV
1. Roy Rink (DE)
2. Steve Koehler (NC)
3. Brian Ecton (MD)

2002 - Dixiecon XVI/Dipcon
1. Morgan Gurley (NC)
2. Chris Martin (NY)
3. Sandy Wible (VA)

2003 - Dixiecon XVII
1. Tom Kobrin (NC)
2. Chris Martin (NY)
3. Ike Porter (MD)

2004 - Dixiecon XVIII
1. Doug Moore (MD)
2. Andy Marshall (MD)
3. Rick Desper (MD)

2005 - Dixiecon IX
1. Brian Ecton (MD)
2. Doug Moore (MD)
3. Dave Maletsky (MA)

2006 - Dixiecon XX
1. Jim O'Kelley (IL)
2. Chris Martin (MD)
3. Doug Moore (MD)

2007 - Dixiecon XXI
1. Doug Moore (MD)
2. Graham Woodring (NY)
3. Mike French (MO)

2008 - Dixiecon XXII
1. Thomas Haver (OH)
2. Andy Bartalone (MD)
3. Eric Grinnell (KY)

2009 - Dixiecon XXIII
1. Adam Sigal (NY)
2. Richard Maltz (VA)
3. Brian Ecton (MD)

2010 - Dixiecon XXIV: 

1. Graham Woodring (NY)

2. Peter Yeargin (IL)

3. Tom Kobrin (NC) and Doug Moore (MD)

2011 - Dixiecon XXV:

1. Doug Moore (MD)

2. Peter Yeargin (IL)

3. Christian Pedone (PA)

2012 - Dixiecon XXVI:

1.  Peter Yeargin (DC)

2.  Michael Binder (FL)

3.  Tim Richardson (VA)


2013 - Dixiecon XXVII

1.  Tom Kobrin (NC)

1.  Adam Sigal  (DC)

3.  Graham Woodring (NY)


2014 - Dixiecon XXVIII

1. Tom Haver (OH)

2. Dan Lester (UK)

3. Philippe Weissert (Holland)

2015 -  Dixiecon XXIX

1.    Adam Sigal (MD)

2.    Bill Hackenbracht (NC)

3.    Tom Kobrin  (NC) 

2016 - Dixiecon XXX

1.   Tom Kobrin (NC)

2.   Chris Martin  (MD)

3.   Emily Pollock (MA)

2017 - Dixiecon XXXI

1.    Andy Bartalone (MD)

2.    Tom Kobrin (NC)

3.    Hudson Defoe (DC)

2018 - Dixiecon XXXII

1. David Miller (MD)

2. Andy Bartalone (MD)

3. Doug Moore (OR) 

2019 - Dixiecon XXXIII

1. David Miller (MD)

2. Bill Hackenbracht (NC)

3. Brad Blitstein (VT) 

2020 - Dixiecon XXXIV

1. Christian Kline (IL)

2. Andrew Goff (Australia)

3. Jonathan Saul (CO)