DIXIECON 35 - May 28-30, 2021

Premier Diplomacy Event of the South

Well, Dixiecon 2007 began as most Dixiecons begin - with David Hood the tournament director arriving to set up and begin open gaming with Bruce Allen and whomever else shows up... This year just Bruce.  No into the 2-player briar patch we went, including Dixiecon favorite Twilight Struggle and the also-prevalent Attika.

Friday saw much more action as the morning turned into early afternoon, with the arrival of many gamers, of both the boardgame and basketball variety.  Friday afternoon gaming included Ra, Atlantic Storm, Battleline, Titan the Arena, and our traditional Dixiecon basketball extravaganza which this year turned into just a glorified shootaround before the Yankees fled back inside out of the humidity.

The Diplomacy tournament began sharply at 6pm.

Well, OK, not really until 7pm, largely because we were waiting on Corey Mason and Doug Moore to show up, as they were stuck in holiday traffic on I-85.  Dixiecon regulars remember that the last time we delayed the round to wait on Doug, a couple of years ago, he won the whole thing.  Some things never change...

There were several first-timers at Dixiecon this year, including Mike French, who happened to win his first Dixiecon game ever in Round One, as France.  Doug Moore also won his first game - don't think two wins out of four games has ever happened before in this tournament.  Obviously the two wins loomed large as the weekend progressed.  The Iron Man tournament, for non-Dip gaming, also began Friday night as the GM saw at least the following titles in play: Manifest Destiny, Outpost, Settlers, Twilight, Galaxy, Lord of the Rings-Confrontation, and Imperial.  Poker was also in play, but not part of the tournament, obviously...

Saturday morning saw the annual Team Tournament doubling as Round Two of the regular Diplomacy Tournament.  The team names were sufficiently imaginative so the GM did not have to rename any of the teams.  Who is Ferret? easily defeated the other six 3-person teams.  Iron Man gaming included the first of many rounds of Princes of the Renaissance to be played over the weekend, as well as St. Pete, Commands and Colors-Ancients, Struggle of Empires, and the mandatory more Outpost (a true Dixiecon staple.)

After the usual dinner of Carolina BBQ and BBQ chicken, we settled down for a Saturday evening of all non-Dip gaming.  There were lots of different games in play here, including Conquest of the Empire, RoboRally, Axis and Allies, Princes of Florence and of the Renaissance, more Outpost, and a HELLUVA LOT of Twilight Struggle.   Might have been more poker as well - I was, ahem, not paying attention to any of that...

Sunday morning at Dixiecon has its own, rather noisy tradition - a large game of Sex Nymphs, Sechs Nimmt, or whatever the hell the true name of the game is, the one we just call Moo.  Anyway, there was much mooing as we waited for the late sleepers to show up for the final Diplomacy round.  The only thing that really needs to be said here, I believe, is that Doug Moore astoundingly won a second game and thus cruised to his second Dixiecon title.  A truly impressive result for a truly impressive Diplomacy player.  Who may have to give me actual cash next turn to delay Round One for him again...

After our usual Sunday night dinner it was back to the site for even more gaming.  Given that I went to bed early with a headache, I'll have to stop the report there.  Please consider making the trip next year for Dixiecon 22.


1. Doug Moore                        688              Non-Dip Players
2. Graham Woodring                364                  Bruce Duewer
3. Mike French                        362                   Kevin Brown
4. Brian Lee                             356                   Jon Kwiatkowski
5. Dave Maletsky                     348                   David Hood
6. Jeff Ladd                              340                   Ed Rothenheber
6. Jim O’Kelley                        340                    Dan Mathias
8. Heath Gardner                      336                   Carol Mathias
9. Chris Martin                         328                    Michael Lowrey
10. Brian Ecton                        236                     Tom Kobrin
11. Andy Bartalone                  232                     Steve Nicewarner
11. Steve Koehler                    232                     Adam Nicewarner
13. Andrew Neumann              228                      Bob Odear
14. Jeremiah Peterson               182                     Bruce Reiff
14. Harry Frazer                       182                      Bruce Allen
16. Amanda Tickner                 168                      John Hood
17. Mike Barno                        161                      Alex Hood
18. Ike Porter                           130                      Wray Ferrell
19. Greg Duenow                     98
20. Corey Mason                     97                      Iron Man (Non-Dip)
21. Steve Mauris                      78                     1. Kevin Brown   46
22. Tyler Mollenkopf                62                     2. Bruce Duewer 37.5
23. Tim Richardson                  58                      3. Ken Mathias    18.5
24. Chris Barfield                     56                      4. Dan Mathias   18 
25. Don Hackett                       15                     5. Jon Kwiakowski 16
26. Jimmy Koehler                   10
IN Todd Craig (1 round only)                                Team Tournament
IN Ken Mathias                                                    Who is Ferret 
IN Justin Thompson                                               Maletsky, Woodring
IN Edwin Turnage                                                  Neumann
Golden Blade Award                                               Death with Dignity
Mike French                                                            Amanda Tickner
I got Hammered                                                       Harry Frazer
Don Hackett                                                            Jimmy Koehler
Players Choice                                                         The Brick
Chris Barfield                                                           Andy Bartalone
Best Country Awards
Best Austria                  Brian Lee                     3way, 14 centers
Best England                Graham Woodring        3way, 9
Best France                  Mike French                 Win
Best Germany               Doug Moore                Win
Best Italy                      Steve Koehler              3way, 11
Best Russia                   Doug Moore                Win
Best Turkey                  Dave Maletsky             3way, 12

Game 1A – F Win

A Steve Mauris

E Harry Frazer

F Mike French  18

G Corey Mason

I Mike Barno 14

R Tim Richardson 2

T Don Hackett


Game 1B – AIF Draw

A Jeff Ladd  8

E Chris Martin 1

F Amanda Tickner  7

G Jeremiah Peterson 5

I  David Maletsky 7

R Steve Koehler 6

T Ike Porter


Game 1C – GRT Draw

A Tyler Mollenkopf

E Jimmy Koehler

F Ken Mathias

G Graham Woodring 17

I Andy Bartalone

R Brian Lee  9

T Jim O’Kelley 8


Game 1D – G Win

A Brian Ecton  7

E Todd Craig

F Chris Barfield 3

G Doug Moore  19

I Andrew Neumann 1

R Heath Gardner

T Greg Duenow  4


Game 2A – AEI Draw

A Brian Lee  14

E Graham Woodring 9

F Edwin Turnage

G Don Hackett

I Steve Koehler  11

R Justin Thompson

T Corey Mason


Game 2B – EFGT Draw

A Jimmy Koehler

E Andy Bartalone  7

F Brian Ecton  8

G Ike Porter 6

I  Chris Barfield

R Steve Mauris  4

T Jeremiah Peterson 9


Game 2C – FIT Draw

A Amanda Tickner

E Tim Richardson

F David Maletsky  10

G Greg Duenow  3

I Harry Frazer  7

R Tyler Mollenkopf 7

T Doug Moore  7


Game 2D – FIT Draw

A Mike French

E Mike Barno  2

F Andrew Neumann 12

G Jim O’Kelley  2

I Chris Martin  8

R Jeff Ladd  1

T Heath Gardner 9


Game 3A – R Win

A Tim Richardson

E Amanda Tickner

F Corey Mason  5

G Andrew Neumann 4

I  Graham Woodring

R Doug Moore  18

T Andy Bartalone 7


Game 3B – FRT Draw

A Don Hackett

E Mike French

F Brian Lee  10

G Brian Ecton

I  Jeremiah Peterson

R Jim O’Kelley  12

T David Maletsky 12


Game 3C – AFG Draw

A Heath Gardner  10

E Greg Duenow

F Jeff Ladd  12

G Chris Martin 9

I   Steve Mauris 2

R Harry Frazer  1

T Chris Barfield