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DIXIECON 35 - May 28-30, 2021

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Dixiecon 2015 Report

Dixiecon 29 (2015) Report – David Hood



There are few things one can count on in this world.  Chaos reigns supreme, after all.  But one thing you can be sure of – that every Memorial Day Weekend, in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, there will be a Diplomacy tournament.  The 29th annual Dixiecon finished up several weeks ago, with the winner joining a select few, two others in fact, who have won the event three times.


As usual, the event begins with early arrivals playing whichever games they fancy on Thursday evening.  Since some arrived too late to game, however, the fort had to be held down by two-player gaming between David Maletsky and David Hood.  After the inevitable arguments about politics, Diplomacy scoring systems, and the politics of Diplomacy scoring systems, they got down to business with both Titan and San Juan.


Friday morning and afternoon were full of open gaming with various participants, including board of St Petersburg, Nations, Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Small World, Dixit and Five Tribes.  Due to construction, the tournament was held in the basement of a different building than usual, which actually turned out to be a nicer venue – we hope to be there in the future.  Unfortunately, the construction has also killed the basketball courts at Granville, which is quite a shame.  People like Michael Jordan and Jerry Stackhouse have played on that court.  More significantly, people like Doc Binder and Andy Bartalone have played on that court.  But I digress…


The Diplomacy tournament began on Friday evening with a Round One of three boards, which excitingly included nine completely new players to Dixiecon!  In Game 1A, the players decided that after killing Bartalone’s Russia, they had pretty much accomplished what they wanted to and declared a 6-way draw in 1909 (to be serious there was a lot of play here with an immediate Western Triple, so this was interesting board to watch.)  Game 2B saw England/France take a 4-way draw with two of our new players, Molly Kelly as Turkey and Emily Pollock at Italy, with England also being new player Dariusz Murakowski.  France was just some dweeb named Tom Kobrin, three-time Dixiecon winner or some such.  In the third game, a 3-way draw resulted from Bill Hackenbracht’s failed but glorious attempt at a win with Austria.  He got to 15, stopped by Tony Bilzi’s 11-center England and Graham Woodring’s 8-center Italy.


In other action on Friday evening, the annual Iron Man tournament began with games of Here I Stand, Twilight Struggle, Terra Mystica, Avalon, Innovation, Galaxy Trucker and Splendor played by 18 gamers not in Round One of the Dip tournament.  GM Dan Mathias presided over this tournament, which scores results from the weekend’s non-Diplomacy to crown an Iron Man Champ on Sunday afternoon.  By the end of the event, 23 different players participated in this tournament, playing 11 different titles.


Saturday morning saw Round Two of the Dip tournament get underway, which also doubles as the Team Tournament.  Three-person teams add their scores together to see who can pick good team members and who, well, can’t.  This year the team calling itself “The Brick Is a Hard Muther” or “Affirmative Action” took the medals as top team, consisting of Tim Richardson, Hudson Defoe and Brian Ecton.  All three Dip games this round ended in 3-way draws, as EFI (Game 2A), IFT (Game 2B) and AEI (Game 2C.)  Indeed, through the end of Round Two, Italy was included in every single draw result.  Somewhere out on the Left Coast, there was a Nathan Barnes channeling his pro-Italian mojo or something – it’s the only explanation that makes logical sense.


In Iron Man gaming during Round Two there were again large numbers of non-Dip gamers kicking the living something out of each other.  Some of the games played including Outpost, Illuminati (blast from the past!), Napoleonic Wars and more Here I Stand.  Then everyone broke for the traditional barbeque dinner at 5pm before getting back to business Saturday night for more gaming.  Once all the Dip games were over, the Iron Man really heated up – with new titles played including Britannia, Founding Fathers, Battlestar Galactica, and Resistance, as well as more playing of other games like Nations, Settlers, Twilight Struggle, and Splendor.


The only timed Diplomacy round at Dixiecon is the third one, beginning Sunday morning.  Otherwise the games have an unlimited time limit and no central clock (people in the South take their sweet time, drinkin their sweet tea and gorgin on their sweet banana puddin, don’t y’all know.)  The Dip results from Sunday included an RAT in Game 3A, an FGI in Game 3B and an EFRT 4-way in Game 3C.  Adam Sigal’s German result in 3B catapulted him to Dixiecon champ, beating out Bil Hackenbracht in second and Tom Kobrin in third.  In Iron Man gaming, Sunday saw boards of Acquire, Nations, Puerto Rico, Small World, Paperwork and Founding Fathers before the tournament ended with Bruce Duewer repeating at Iron Man champ for the umpteenth time, with Jim Yerkey taking second and Lori Wheeler coming in third by half a point over Michael Lowrey.


The 2015 Player’s Choice award was no contest – with Emily Pollock being the favorite of most. She and her dad Dan Pollock were a wonderful addition to the Dixiecon family, as were all our new attendees this year. 


As you may have noticed, next year is the 30th Anniversary of Dixiecon – so you just KNOW there will be some cool new features, don’t you?  Of course there will.  Why don’t you come to the 2016 Dixiecon and find out!


Diplomacy Tournament Results:


1.     Adam Sigal   356

2.     Bill Hackenbracht  348

3.     Tom Kobrin   344

4.     Tim Richardson  332

5.     Ike Porter   328

6.     Randy Lawrence-Hurt  296

7.     Tim Crosby   285.67

8.     Emily Pollock   276

9.     Chris Martin   269.67

10.     Dan Pollock   253.67

11.     Tony Bilzi   194

11.     Brian Ecton   194

13. Dariusz Murakowski  184

13. Graham Woodring  184

15. Mark Franceschini  172

16. Andy Bartalone  166

17. Molly Kelly   138

18. Joe Wheeler   111.67

19. Zachary Jarvie   44

20. Greg Myers   42

21. Hudson Defoe   27

IN Jim Yerkey   182

IN Tom Filopoulos  107.67

IN Dan Mathias   20

IN Jimmy Koehler  10


Best Countries:


Austria Bill Hackenbracht  3w-15

England Tim Crosby   3w-13

France Adam Sigal   3w-12

Germany Adam Sigal   3w-12

Italy Brian Ecton   3w-11

Russia Tim Richardson  3w-10

Turkey Tom Kobrin   3w-15


Team Tournament:


The Brick is a Hard Muther, or Affirmative Action – Richardson, Ecton, Defoe


Golden Blade – Tom Kobrin

I Got Hammered – Zachary Jarvie

The Brick – Joe Wheeler/Greg Myers

Death With Dignity – Hudson Defoe, Zachary Jarvie, Joe Wheeler, Bill Hackenbracht

Players Choice – Emily Pollock


Iron Man Tournament:


1.     Bruce Duewer  31

2.     Jim Yerkey  23

3.     Lori Wheeler  18


Board 1A - AEFGIT Draw 1909
A Randy Lawrence-Hurt 9
E Tom Filopoulos 8
F Chris Martin 5
G Tim Crosby 7
I Joe Wheeler 3
R Andy Bartalone 0
T Dan Pollock 2


Board 1B - EFIT Draw 1905
A Greg Myers 0
E Dariusz Murakowski 6
F Tom Kobrin 6
G Ike Porter 5
I Emily Pollock 6
R Hudson Defoe 3
T Molly Kelly 8


Board 1C - AEI Draw 1908
A Bill Hackenbracht 15
E Tony Bilzi 11
F Brian Ecton 0
G Tim Richardson 0
I Graham Woodring 8
R Jimmy Koehler 0
T Zac Jarvie 0


Board 2A - EFI Draw 1908
A Dan Pollock 0
E Randy Lawrence-Hurt 11
F Bill Hackenbracht 7
G Molly Kelly 0
I Brian Ecton 11
R Graham Woodring 0
T Dariusz Murakowski 5


Board 2B - EFT Draw 1907
A Hudson Defoe 0
E Ike Porter 7
F Adam Sigal 12
G Zac Jarvie 0
I Andy Bartalone 0
R Tony Bilzi 0
T Tom Kobrin 15


Board 2C - AEI Draw 1909
A Jim Yerkey 13
E Tim Crosby 13
F Greg Myers 0
G Mark Franceschini 0
I Tim Richardson 8
R Emily Pollock 0
T Joe Wheeler 0


Board 3A - ART Draw 1908
A Chris Martin 11
E Greg Myers 2
F Joe Wheeler 1
G Graham Woodring 0
I Dariusz Murakowski 0
R Tim Richardson 10
T Ike Porter 10


Board 3B - FGI Draw 1907
A Zac Jarvie 0
E Bill Hackenbracht 0
F Dan Pollock 10
G Adam Sigal 12
I Tom Kobrin 6
R Tim Crosby 6
T Dan Mathias 0


Board 3C - EFRT Draw 1909
A Brian Ecton 0
E Andy Bartalone 12
F Mark Franceschini 8
G Hudson Defoe 0
I Tony Bilzi 0
R Randy Lawrence-Hurt 4
T Emily Pollock 10