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DIXIECON 35 - May 28-30, 2021

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2014 Dixiecon/World Dipcon Report

2014 Dixiecon / World Dipcon Report

Well, after a year of planning, promotion and work it was time for Dixiecon to once again host the World Championships for Diplomacy. While I was confident we could run the event competently, at least, I was not sure how the numbers would go. Dixiecon has a loyal following, it has been around for a long time, but it had been a while since I had truly been beating the bushes for new attendees, and certainly not internationally. Lucky for me, though, it was not all up to me to make the event a success.
Various hobbyists from North America as well as overseas created tremendous buzz about the 2014 World Dipcon. We use an old-fashioned scoring system, that is no longer the norm in tournament play, but that was perceived as a nod to the past as well as to diversity – and thus not as a hindrance to getting people to come. Chapel Hill, North Carolina is not exactly the hub of the transportation universe, but this was also not an issue – plenty of folks created carpools to help others get to the event, and to bring international travelers from airports other than those in North Carolina. Dave Maletsky organized a pre-con trip to the Outer Banks for both domestic and foreign Dippers, which was a tremendous addition to the experience for many travelers.
In short, we had a great event. I am thankful to all those who helped make that possible, including the folks who did so by just coming. I hope everyone had as good a time as I did.
The fun started on Thursday as we had a number of folks from far away coming in early to start socializing and gaming. There was a lot of chess played over the weekend, starting on Thursday with Nicholas Sahuguet pretty much beating everyone up. Other games I noticed on Thursday included A Study in Emerald, Seasons and Avalon.
Friday morning the open gaming continued as older titles such as Acquire and Puerto Rico shared table space with the moderately new Alhambra and the quite new Nations. Dixiecon usually has about half open gamers (mainly ex-dippers) and half Diplomacy players, but given the World Dipcon hosting, the percentages this year were more like 90/10 in favor of the Dippers. Which meant, of course, that the blighters could not wait until the Friday night round to begin breaking out the Dip boards. Yes, you guessed it, there was GUNBOAT played on Friday at a Dixiecon for the first time in, well, a darn long time. Awesome.
We also had some great basketball this year as our annual attempt at physical exercise on Friday afternoon. Bob Odear was there, of course – he was one of the attendees at the very first Dixiecon in 1987 but now is just as likely to come for the basketball tournament as for anything else! We played two games, switching out players as people hurt their bodies, their pride, or each other’s body AND pride. It was just fun. Players included Bob Odear, Brian Ecton, Hudson Defoe, Chris Martin, Steve Koehler, Andy Bartalone, Doc Binder and David Hood.
The World Dipcon Dip tournament started with a bang right at 6pm. I opened the ceremonies with a little speech about North Carolina history, focused on the “Four Firsts” – First in Freedom, First in Flight, First in Fighting Men, and First in Fans. Then the reigning Mrs. North Carolina, Christina Foster, sort of did a “Gentlemen, Start Your Engines” type opening by reading off the players for each of the eleven boards in Round One. After that it was, literally, off to the races.
Board 1A was a specially designed board, for a special purpose. David Hill was there not only to play in the tournament, but also to report on the event for the Grantland website as well as to develop a radio story for NPR that will hopefully air in the next few months on This American Life or perhaps one of the other programs. The board included geographic and other forms of hobby diversity, including particularly in playing style. And to top it all off, David was assisted in his negotiations by an actual American diplomat who attended at NPR’s request – Dennis Ross. While the game itself turned out to be dysfunctional in many ways (um it ended as a 6-way draw) that might possibly make for good radio. We’ll find out. The Grantland article has already appeared, which you can go check out.
In other Round One news, there were a number of three-way draws and, ahem, a bloody Russian win in Game 1G that ended in 1912 with Tom Haver taking 5 centers the last year to pull ahead of Chris Brand’s Turkey. Since Tom ended up winning the tournament, I guess that game was kinda important. During the Round there were also several non-Diplomacy games being played as the kickoff to the weekend-long Iron Man tournament, which goes on alongside the Dip to add to the fun. Friday night titles played included Wellington, Container, Finstere Flure and Outpost.
I had hoped to get 12 boards going during this year’s event, and we were able to achieve that Saturday morning for Round Two. This also doubled at the team event, with three-person teams pooling their scores together vis-à-vis all the other three-person teams. In addition to the usual three-war draw results, we also had a two-way in Game 2C between the England of Philipp Weissert and the Turkey of Edi Birsan. This game was played through Fall 1914, believe it or not, and thus took place before and after we took a break for the 5pm traditional North Carolina Barbeque supper. Iron Man games played on Saturday included Puerto Rico, Titan, Twilight Struggle, Acquire, Here I Stand, Dominion, Innovation and Seven Wonders.
Another fun thing that started on Friday and kept going all weekend was a very involved Noah’s Ark puzzle started by Carol Mathias but that was worked on by 20-30 other attendees over the weekend. When the puzzle was finally completed on Sunday I think we all realized just how fun that was as a break in one’s gaming action, a way to socialize, and even as a bit of an ice-breaker for folks who otherwise had not ever met. It was cool, we will probably make that another Dixiecon tradition going forward.
Saturday night we had some folks who were ready to take a break from Dip, so we dropped down to a still-respectable nine boards for Round 3. Probably the most important result for tournament purposes was Game 3G, which saw another Russian win as Dan Lester stabbed two different players for a total of 6 centers to reach 18 in Fall 1906. It was very well done, and would catapult him into a second place finish overall.
The Sunday morning round is the only one with a time limit, as the game has to be called between 6 and 8 hours after it begins. This year there was indeed one game called on time, but the rest finished in various forms or fashions before then. In addition to two fairly tragic 7ways, there was a two-way in Game 4E that helped to give both Christian MacDonald (Germany) and Mark Stegeman (Italy) best country awards during the Sunday afternoon awards ceremony. The Iron Man tournament also wrapped up, with games of Nations, Ticket to Ride, Cards Against Humanity, Here I Stand, St Petersburg and Splendor.
After all the awards were given, some of our folk went on home while many others went out to eat and then back to the site for more open gaming all night on Sunday night. I was particularly pleased to see people playing a lot of games that night with people they just met that weekend. One of the great things about a large event is the opportunity to meet so many new people, and the potential that all those new relationships can lead to increased attendance at the regional Cons and the hobby as a whole. I believe this is likely to happen as a result of this year because of all the different types of people who attended.
We had 87 who played at least one round of Dip (and 14 non-dip gamers). There were, of course, the usual hobby travelers that go to North American tournaments regularly. Some of these, such as Doug Moore or Andy Bartalone or Steve Cooley or many others, have been to Dixiecon many times – while some of the ones from the west coast, like Siobhan Nolen or Adam Silverman had been once or never. We had a lot of international players, from the UK, Holland, France, Australia, India and Canada – and many of these had never played with most of the other attendees before. We also had a number of long-time Dixiecon regulars who generally do not travel to other tournaments that often, such as Edwin Turnage or Steve Nicewarner. And then we had a number of former Dixiecon champs who came out of retirement just for this event – like Marc Peters from Wisconsin and Mark Stegeman from Arizona, which added a nice touch of hobby history to the player group. It was such a heterogeneous group that I expect there were connections made here that could cross-pollinate many future events. At least I hope so.
Thanks again to all those who helped on site, like Mike Lowrey who helps run the tournament itself and is in charge of scoring – and to Steve Nicewarner, Dan Burgess, Dave Maletsky, and others I am forgetting who provided logistical support. Thanks to our DiplomacyCast guys Nathan Barnes and Eric Mead for promoting the event and for gracing us with their presences. Thanks to the former Dixiecon champs who came out this year to make the event so special for those of us who remember the previous 27 tournaments (we had the winners from 1988, 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012 and 2013). Thanks to Chris Martin for making me do World Dipcon again. And thanks to the hobby for spectacular attendance and support.
 2014 Diplomacy tournament results:


1 Haver, Thomas 258.0
2 Lester, Dan 220.7
3 Weissert, Philipp 194.0
4 Kobrin, Tom 170.0
5 Turnage, Edwin 168.0
6 Ecton, Brian 167.3
7 Koehler, Steve 166.0
7 Sheldon, Brian 166.0
9 Silverman, Adam 164.7
9 Weingarten, Steve 164.7
11 Filopouluos, Tom 164.0
12 Defoe, Hudson 160.0
13 Jamieson, John 158.0
13 Sahuguet, Nicholas 158.0
15 Franceschini, Mark 156.0
16 Clouet, Yann 154.0
17 Peters, Marc 151.3
18 Birsan, Edi 149.4
19 Desper, Rick 148.0
19 Lytton, Stephen 148.0
21 Shields, Matt 144.3
22 Harris, Toby 142.6
23 Bartalone, Andy 141.2
24 Wheeler, Joe 140.3
25 Prem, Ed 140.0
26 Simpson, Dave 137.6
27 Rooijen, Rene van 135.4
28 MacDonald, Christian 132.0
29 Grinnell, Eric 131.3
30 Sundstrom, Matt 127.0
31 Goff, Andrew 126.5
32 Maletsky, David 122.6
33 Martin, Chris 118.8
34 Stegeman, Mark 113.2
35 Moore, Doug 110.2
36 Porter, Ike 110.0
37 Hall, Mike 109.0
38 Mead, Eric 108.4
39 Cooley, Steve 108.3
40 Nolen, Siobhan 106.2
41 Gramila, John 106.0
42 Brand, Chris 103.9
43 Joly, Laurent 102.0
44 McMillie, Mike 97.7
45 Yeargin, Pete 96.4
46 Ladd, Jeff 96.3
47 McTighe, Travis 94.0
48 Andrioli, Bernard 93.6
49 Sigal, Adam 92.3
50 Waddington, Brent 92.0
51 Yerkey, Jim 91.0
52 Burgess, Dan 90.8
53 Barnes, Nathan 90.0
54 Nicewarner, Steve 89.5
55 Norman, David 87.2
56 Rousse, Robert 83.6
57 Worrell, Claude 83.5
58 Wilcox, Steve 81.0
59 Binder, Doc 73.7
60 Johnson, David 73.3
61 Hood, David 72.0 (ineligible)
61 Lonardo, Filippo 72.0
63 Hand, Manus 68.3
64 Heymann, Jay 61.0
65 Cockerill, Nate 60.3
66 Hill, David 49.8
67 Cooke, Roland 47.6
68 Richardson, Tim 33.3
69 Black, Thaddeus 32.5
70 O'Kelley, Jim 32.0
71 Scheifler, Don 31.3
72 Reinecker, Tom 23.0
73 Butland, Freeman 19.7
74 McCrumb, Spencer 19.0
75 Odear, Bob 17.0
76 Mastbaum, Jason 16.3
77 Anand, Aash 13.3
78 Lafosse, Bill 5.0
79 Grinnel, Danny 3.3

IN Kremer, Chris

IN Rothenheber, Ed

IN McCrumb, Dave

IN Mathias, Dan

IN Mathias, Ken

IN Thompson, Justin

IN Hacker, Jim

IN Dixon, Ellie




Best Austria:  David Johnson

Best England:  Philipp Weissert

Best France:  Jim Yerkey

Best Germany:  Christian MacDonald

Best Italy:  Mark Stegeman

Best Russia:  Thomas Haver and Dan Lester

Best Turkey:  Edi Birsan

Team Champions:  Baltimore Mafia (Yerkey, Franceschini, D. Mathias)

Death with Dignity:  So Many I Lost Count

I Got Hammered:  Aash Anand

Brick:  Doc Binder and Manus Hand

Golden Blade:  Jim Yerkey

Player's Choice:  Hudson Defoe


Iron Man Tournament (non-Dip gaming - 56 players participated)

1.  Lori Wheeler

2.  Adam Nicewarner

3.  Kevin Brown


Other non-Dip players this year:  Carol Mathias, Jesse Martin, Dave Long, Jeremiah Peterson, Tedd Mullally, Cory Cole, Bruce Allen, Kevin Sudy, Michael Lowrey, Chris Morgan, Bruce Duewer


Total Attendance - 101


Game 1A - AETGRF Draw 1907

A  Siobhan Nolen  5

E  Andy Bartalone  8

F  Steve Cooley  0

G  Toby Harris  9

I  Chris Martin  1

R  David Hill  5

T  Mark Stegeman  6


Game 1B - AER Draw 1906

A  Ed Prem  9

E  Adam Silverman  11

F  Ike Porter  4

G  Bill LaFosse  0

I  Michael Binder  2

R  Steve Weingarten  8

T  Steve Nicewarner  0


Game 1C - AEFT Draw 1909

A  Yann Clouet  6

E  Andrew Goff  10

F  Brent Waddington  7

G  Mike Hall  4

I  Don Scheifler  0

R  Freeman Butland  0

T  Peter Yeargin  7


Game 1D - EFR Draw 1906

A  Eric Mead  1

E  Joe Wheeler  7

F  Dave Simpson  8

G  Edi Birsan  3

I  Ellie Dixon  7

R  Edwin Turnage  8

T  Hudson Defoe  0


Game 1E - ART Draw 1905

A  Jay Heumann  7

E  Matt Shields  4

F  Matt Sundstrom  5

G  Brian Ecton  1

I  Eric Grinnell  0

R  Rene Van Rooijen  10

T  Dan Lester  7


Game 1F - AEG Draw 1907

A  Philipp Weissert  10

E  Steve Koehler  10

F  Bob Odear  1

G  Brian Shelden  8

I  Nathan Barnes  1

R  Spencer McCrumb  1

T  Laurent Joly  3


Game 1G - Russian Win 1912

A  Tim Richardson  0

E  Nate Cockerill  0

F  Adam Sigel  4

G  Roland Cooke  0

I  Stephen Lytton  1

R  Thomas Haver  18

T  Chris Brand  11


Game 1H - AEG Draw 1910

A  John Gramila  12

E  Nicolas Sahuguet  14

F  Jeff Ladd  0

G  Manus Hand  8

I  Doug Moore  0

R  Robert Rousse  0

T  Chris Kremer  0


Game 1I - AFG Draw 1910

A  David Johnson  15

E  Christian MacDonald  0

F  Dave Maletsky  9

G  Marc Peters  8

I  Bernard Andrioli  2

R  Jason Mastbaum  0

T  Danny Grinnell  0


Game 1J - AEI Draw 1909

A  Tom Kobrin  12

E  John Jamieson  12

F  Tom Reinecker  3

G  Aash Anand  0

I  Rick Desper  7

R  David Norman  0

T  Jim O'Kelley  0


Game 1K - EFG Draw 1907

A  Thaddeus Black  1

E  Steve Wilcox  8

F  Claude Worrell  8

G  Mike McMillie  9

I  Filippo Lonardo  2

R  Jim Yerkey  0

T  Travis McTighe  6


Game 2A - AFG Draw 1907

A  Dan Mathias  9

E  Freeman Butland  0

F  Brian Shelden  10

G  Hudson Defoe  8

I  Adam Silverman  2

R  Bernard Andrioli  1

T  Thaddeus Black  4


Game 2B - EGR Draw 1907

A  Edwin Turnage  0

E  Nathan Barnes  9

F  David Johnson  0

G  Steve Weingarten  10

I  Justin Thompson  2

R  Mike Hall  13

T  Aash Anand  0


Game 2C - ET Draw 1914

A  Tom Reinecker  0

E  Philippe Weissert  12

F  Danny Grinnell  0

G  Brent Waddington  4

I  Ike Porter  6

R  Jay Heumann  0

T  Edi Birsan  12


Game 2D - EFT Draw 1905

A  Robert Rousse  0

E  Eric Mead  9

F  Yann Clouet  9

G  Steve Nicewarner  0

I  Jim O'Kelley  4

R  Ken Mathias  5

T  Stephen Lytton  7


Game 2E - AEFIT Draw 1906

A  Dave Maletsky  7

E  David McCrumb  9

F  Thomas Haver  8

G  Dan Lester  0

I  Andrew Goff  6

R  Bob Odear  0

T  Dan Burgess  4


Game 2F - ERT Draw 1908

A  Steve Wilcox  0

E  Ed Rothenheber  11

F  Tim Richardson  4

G  Peter Yeargin  0

I  Manus Hand  2

R  Tom Kobrin  8

T  Toby Harris  9


Game 2G - AEFIR Draw 1910

A  Dave Simpson  8

E  David Norman  9

F  Doug Moore  7

G  Spencer McCrumb  0

I  Rene Van Rooijen  3

R  Siobhan Nolen  7

T  Mike McMillie  0


Game 2H - EFIR Draw 1910

A  Andy Bartalone  3

E  Rick Desper  8

F  John Gramila  6

G  Laurent Joly  0

I  Matt Shields  15

R  Marc Peters  2

T  Bill Lafosse  0


Game 2I - FIT Draw 1908

A  Jason Mastbaum  0

E  Jim Hacker  0

F  Jim Yerkey  13

G  Chris Brand  2

I  Steve Cooley  6

R  David Hood  4

T  Matt Sundstrom  9


Game 2J - AFG Draw 1907

A  Steve Koehler  8

E  Chris Martin  0

F  Michael Binder  10

G  Tom Filopoulos  6

I  Christian MacDonald  3

R  Filippo Lonardo  7

T  Roland Cooke  0


Game 2K - ERT Draw 1908

A  Joe Wheeler  3

E  Brian Ecton  11

F  David Hill  1

G  Travis McTighe  4

I  Adam Sigel  2

R  Nicolas Sahuguet  5

T  John Jamieson  8


Game 2L - AET Draw 1908

A  Jeff Ladd  11

E  Eric Grinnell  11

F  Mark Stegeman  1

G  Nate Cockerill  0

I  Claude Worrell  0

R  Don Scheifler  0

T  Mark Franceschini  11


Game 3A - FRT Draw 1907

A  Filippo Lonardo  1

E  Don Scheifler  0

F  Andy Bartalone  12

G  Tom Kobrin  0

I  Dave Maletsky  4

R  Joe Wheeler  11

T  Adam Silverman  6


Game 3B - FGIT Draw 1906

A  Freeman Butland  0

E  Jay Heumann  0

F  Robert Rousse  8

G  Adam Sigel  9

I  Mark Franceschini  8

R  Dave Simpson  3

T  Marc Peters  6


Game 3C - AFG Draw 1905

A  Hudson Defoe  7

E  Jason Mastbaum  0

F  Matt Shields  11

G  Eric Grinnell  10

I  Nicolas Sahuguet  0

R  Jim O'Kelley  2

T  Tim Richardson  4


Game 3D - AIR Draw 1907

A  Tom Filopoulos  11

E  Michael Binder  0

F  Manus Hand  0

G  Mark Stegeman  1

I  Edwin Turnage  11

R  Travis McTighe  11

T  Tom Reinecker  0


Game 3E - FIR Draw 1909

A  Aash Anand  0

E  Siobhan Nolen  4

F  Bernard Andrioli  9

G  Claude Worrell  0

I  Thomas Haver  11

R  Brian Ecton  10

T  Steve Cooley  0


Game 3F - EFIR Draw 1905

A  Danny Grinnell  0

E  Stephen Lytton  8

F  Laurent Joly  8

G  Thaddeus Black  0

I  John Jamieson  7

R  Toby Harris  11

T  Jeff Ladd  0


Game 3G - Russian Win 1906

A  Mike McMillie  2

E  Peter Yeargin  2

F  Eric Mead  2

G  David Hood  6

I  Steve Weingarten  4

R  Dan Lester  18

T  Mike Hall  0


Game 3H - AEFT Draw 1905

A  Matt Sundstrom  8

E  Yann Clouet  9

F  Christian MacDonald  8

G  Nathan Barnes  0

I  Spencer McCrumb  1

R  John Gramila  0

T  Nate Cockerill  8


Game 3I - AFGRT Draw 1906

A  David Norman  7

E  Ed Prem  0

F  Chris Brand  7

G  Doug Moore  8

I  David Johnson  0

R  Roland Cooke  4

T  Andrew Goff  8


Game 4A - EFR Draw 1905

A  Mark Franceschini  4

E  Tom Kobrin  10

F  Steve Weingarten  8

G  John Gramila  0

I  Jay Heumann  0

R  Steve Nicewarner  11

T  Jason Mastbaum  1


Game 4B - AER Draw 1905

A  Adam Silverman  9

E  Dan Lester  8

F  Eric Grinnell  4

G  Michael Binder  2

I  Nate Cockerill  2

R  Steve Cooley  9

T  David Norman  0


Game 4C - AEFI Draw 1909

A  Brian Ecton  13

E  Dave Simpson  6

F  Filippo Lonardo  5

G  Philipp Weissert  6

I  Laurent Joly  4

R  Andrew Goff  0

T  Manus Hand  0


Game 4D - EFRT Draw 1908

A  Brent Waddington  0

E  Aash Anand  0

F  Nicolas Sahuguet  8

G  Andy Bartalone  8

I   Roland Cooke  2

R  Eric Mead  6

T  Ike Porter  10


Game 4E - GI Draw 1907

A  Don Scheifler  6

E  Tim Richardson  0

F  Freeman Butland  5

G  Christian MacDonald  14

I   Mark Stegeman  8

R  John Jamieson  1

T  David Johnson  0


Game 4F - 7way Draw 1906

A  Bernard Andrioli  2

E  Toby Harris  7

F  Joe Wheeler  6

G  Matt Shields  7

I  Edi Birsan  4

R  Adam Sigel  1

T  Doug Moore  7


Game 4G - 7way Draw 1905

A  Chris Brand  4

E  Robert Rousse  7

F  Rene Van Rooijen  8

G  Dan Burgess  3

I   Matt Sundstrom  3

R  Jeff Ladd  4

T  Dave Maletsky  5


Game 4H - FGRT Draw 1911

A  Bob Odear  0

E  Danny Grinnell  0

F  Marc Peters  14

G  Chris Martin  13

I   Travis McTighe  0

R  Peter Yeargin  5

T  Ed Prem 2