DIXIECON 35 - May 28-30, 2021

Premier Diplomacy Event of the South

Another year, another Dixiecon.  This time it was Dixiecon 22, but for a change I was not there for the Thursday night gaming.  My son was in a show that night in Hickory, so I did not make it to Chapel Hill until after 2am (with Steve Koehler in tow.)  The report I got about midnight as I left Charlotte with Steve said that Dave Maletsky, Rich O'Brien, Bruce Allen, Bruce's friend George, and at times a very sober Graham Woodring played Imperial and "some numbers/math game like Samurai."

That's it for the Thursday night gaming report.

Friday morning saw the first of many meals at Con favorite Time Out, which is next door to the tournament site, and features good chicken and biscuits along with various vegetables available for purchase "24 hours a day, 365 days a year."  It's like a Waffle House, with lima beans and collard greens.

Various gamers began to drift in as the afternoon approached.  I saw Brass being played, for the first of many times over the weekend, as well as Power Grid, Railroad Tycoon, Storm Over Holland, and that screwy little AH game from yesterday Twixt.  We have had Candyland played at Dixiecon before, but this was a Dixiecon first with the Twixt...

We usually have afternoon basketball, but this year we had little interest.  So Kevin O'Kelly, one of the five Chicagoland "Weasels" who invaded Chapel Hill this year, joined me for a shooting clinic.  After I declared both of us winners of the Dixiecon BBall Tournament, we went inside where the gaming had already spread to most of the room.

Friday night began with the usual Hood prattle and announcements, as well as the wonderful sight of awards given from past years.  This time it was the 2005 Prezcon awards for I Got Hammered and for Best Russia, both won by Roy Rink who only had to come by plane 3 years later to a different state to claim his prizes!  I also awarded a Best Germany to Ed Turnage from an even earlier year, this time a Dixiecon plaque, from like 2004 or something.

Then I pulled out the grandaddy of them all - the 1999 Best Russia that was never picked up by that year's winner.  So Tom Kobrin claimed it on general principle.

It was time then to dive in to.... not the Diplomacy tournament, apparently, but the Iron Man tournament for non-Dip gaming.  This was the first year we had more people playing those games than the Dip!  There were three Dip games, important mainly because Turkey got destroyed early in all three of them, earning the three players in question a joint Brick award on Sunday.

Iron Man gaming Friday night included Container, Puerto Rico, 1861 (we had more than the usual crowd of 18XX gamers this year), Princes of the Renaissance, Princes of Florence, Here I Stand, and the everpresent Twixt.

Saturday morning the Dip round was one round bigger, due to late arrivals on Friday night and to some REALLY old Dip retreads brought out of retirement for the round.  I am very proud to say I got Jim Yerkey, certainly one of the best I ever saw play the game, to come out of serious retirement to play in Game 2D.  Yep, the one that proceeded to last about 12.5 hours and end with the stalemate of Andy Bartalone's win attempt.  From what I can tell, this was a very good game, including some other really good players (three past Dixiecon champs in all).  Jim would later receive the Player's Choice award for the weekend, which I freely admit including ballot-stuffing from people who did not get to play with Jim but thought it was really cool that he was playing, and that he was playing on the board in question.

Iron Man gaming on Saturday included two more boards of Brass, 18West (told you that guys were active this time), 1960, Railroad Tycoon, 1846, Puerto Rico, Campaign Trail, and my own introduction to the game Goa.  If you have not watched Bruce Reiff and Ken Gutermuth play Campaign Trail, you have not lived.  I think they were just taking turns at the same time or something.  Bruce was playing faster than he talks, which is obviously pretty fast.

The BBQ started at its usual time of 5pm, this year with a different vendor and with fried chicken instead of the usual BBQ chicken to go with the Eastern NC style pork BBQ.  It was very popular.  One quick note for locals reading this - the things people say about the hush puppies never cease to amaze me.  One guy assumed they were fried potatoes, and was complaining about them being undercooked...

Saturday night gaming was so extensive, since there is no Dip that night, that we literally outgrew the space we were in.  Take a look at the list I compiled on games played that night - Axis and Allies (twice), Attika, Rome vs. Rome (Justin Thompson had shown up by then with this Columbia game), St Petersburg, Manifest Destiny, Through the Ages (twice), Transamerica, Finster Fleur, Power Grid, Container, Puerto Rico (twice), Imperial, Twixt, Titan, Outpost, Airship, and some insane Eric Grinnell game called Cash N Guns where he and some other folks were pointing foam handguns at each other.

Sunday morning saw no hobby politics, just the usual slimy, inexorable, inevitable trail of Dave Maletsky polluting young minds with his dangerous ideas.  In other words, the usual.  The normal game of Sechs Nimmt before Round Three did not get played this year because a rousing game of Bang started up instead.  Yes, the rumors are true.  Bruce Reiff forgot which guy he was playing, and killed the Sheriff to make the Outlaws win.  He was, of course, not an Outlaw but the Renegade so he LOST.

Three rounds of Dip.  Thomas Haver captured his second big three-way draw to edge Buffalo Bartalone for the Dixiecon title.  Both Andy and Thomas had close-but-no-cigar attempts at a win.  This was in contrast to Dixiecon 21 last year, which featured three outright wins, two by Doug Moore alone...

Yes, there was non-Dip Sunday as well, again with more players than the 21 playing Dip.  A few new titles got play on Sunday - San Juan, Race for the Galaxy, Age of Steam, 1830(Reading variant), The Bulge, 5th Fleet, Twilight Struggle, Settlers of Catan - to go along with repeat products like Power Grid, Imperial, Railroad Tycoon, Transamerica, Manifest Destiny and Puerto Rico.

The awards ceremony was followed by two different dinner groups (which was not entirely intentional but probably sensible since we had a combined 30+ people staying for Sunday night dinner this time) after which it was back to the basement study lounge for even more gaming, including more Manifest Destiny, Here I Stand, and gobs of other stuff I did not try to keep up with.

This was a big Dixiecon, largely because of the influx of non-dip gamers.  It was a blast, at least for me.  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves, and will consider a return trip for 2009.  Also, don't forget our fall roving housecon Hickcon, now in its 17th year itself.  This year it will be in Boone, NC - email David Hood for details.  No date set yet, but will likely be in October.

1. Thomas Haver 388                        Non-Dip Players (in no order)
2. Andy Bartalone 376                      Bruce DuewerJim McDanold
3. Eric Grinnell 336                          Jeremy Vipperman Kevin Brown
3. Corey Mason 336                        Jon Kwiatkowski Neil Cavuto
5. Doug Moore 332                         Justin Thompson David Hood
6. Thomas Comstock 324                 Ed Rothenheber Carol Mathias
7. Jim O’Kelley 318.8                         Jamie Blair-Walker
8. Chris Martin 278.8                         Abby Coffin
9. Adam Sigel 228                                 Michael Lowrey
10. Chris Barfield 212                             Jeremiah Peterson
11. Graham Woodring 198                     Ken Gutermuth
11. Dave Maletsky 194.8                        Lisa Gutermuth
13. Brian Ecton 193                             Rick Desper
14. Roy Rink 190                                 Bruce Reiff
14. Rich O’Brien 185                             Bruce Allen
16. Kevin O’Kelly 166                         John Hood
17. Christian Pedone 158                         Craig Good
18. Richard Maltz 117.8                         Kai Hunter
19. Tim Richardson 110.8                               
20. Greg Duenow 70                         Iron Man  (Non-Dip Gaming)
21. Ian Hunter 48                         1. Bruce Duewer 55.5 (10 games)
22. Brian Lee 33                               2. Bruce Reiff 37.5 (9)
23. Eric Hunter 25                             3. Ed Rothenheber 35 (4)
IN – Ineligible (1 round only)             4. Rick Desper 31 (7)
IN Tom Kobrin 34                             5. David Hood 27.5 (6)
IN Steve Koehler 158                         
IN Dan Mathias 174                         Team Tournament
IN Edwin Turnage 19                         Winner was “Overrated” team of
IN Jim Yerkey 174                             Bartalone/Martin/Moore

Golden Blade Award                         Death with Dignity
Andy Bartalone                                 Roy Rink
I Got Hammered                                 Ian Hunter
Kevin O’Kelly                                 
Players Choice                                 The Brick
Jim Yerkey                                         Richardson/Maltz/K.O’Kelly

Best Country Awards
Best Austria Andy Bartalone 3way, 13 centers
Best England Andy Bartalone 3way, 16
Best France Thomas Haver 3way, 15
Best Germany Chris Barfield 3way, 9
Best Italy Jim O’Kelley 3way, 16
Best Russia Corey Mason 3way, 10
Best Turkey Thomas Haver 3way, 17

Game 1A EFI Draw
A Thomas Haver
E Thomas Comstock
F Rich O’Brien
G Brian Lee
I Jim O’Kelley
R Doug Moore
T Tim Richardson

Game 1B AFG Draw
A Andy Bartalone
E Ian Hunter
F Eric Grinnell
G Chris Barfield
I Greg Duenow
R Graham Woodring
T Richard Maltz

Game 1C FIR Draw
A Eric Hunter
E David Maletsky
F Corey Mason
G Adam Sigal
I Roy Rink
R Brian Ecton
T Kevin O’Kelly

Game 2A AFR Draw
A Graham Woodring
E Brian Ecton
F Thomas Haver
G Ian Hunter
I Adam Sigal
R Steve Koehler
T Brian Lee

Game 2B EIT Draw
A Christian Pedone
E Andy Bartalone
F Roy Rink
G Tim Richardson
I Jim Yerkey
R Tom Kobrin
T Thomas Comstock

Game 2C AIG Draw
A David Maletsky
E Rich O’Brien
F Eric Hunter
G Kevin O’Kelly
I Doug Moore
R Chris Barfield
T Edwin Turnage

Game 2D AFR Draw
A Dan Mathias
E Jim O’Kelley
F Chris Martin
G Richard Maltz
I Eric Grinnell
R Corey Mason
T Greg Duenow

Game 3A AEFGT Draw
A Chris Martin
E Tim Richardson
F Richard Maltz
G David Maletsky
I Thom Comstock
R Ian Hunter
T Jim O’Kelley

Game 3B FRT Draw
A Kevin O’Kelly
E Brian Lee
F Adam Sigal
G Greg Duenow
I Brian Ecton
R Andy Bartalone
T Christian Pedone

Game 3C EFT Draw
A Chris Barfield
E Eric Grinnell
F Doug Moore
G Graham Woodring
I Eric Hunter
R Roy Rink
T Thomas Haver