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DIXIECON 35 - May 28-30, 2021

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Dixiecon 2012 Report

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Dixiecon 26 (2012) Report



Thursday night at Dixiecon is always fun.  As I arrange the tables and chairs, procure more of each from other rooms, and unload all my supplies for the weekend I relish the anticipation of what is to come.  Then, Maletsky and others show up to start playing games - and all I care about is making sure he does not win.


Mission accomplished.  Of course, I really did not win anything either, but that is beside the point.


The gaming Thursday night consisted of Bruce Allen, Rich O'Brien, Peter Yeargin, Dave Maletsky and David Hood playing Twilight Struggle, Small World, and Acquire - which were appetizers for the Here I Stand game which actually did not end that night but was stopped and started the next morning.  Eventually that game would end in a Papal victory.  I was playing the Hapsburg/Papacy combo Thursday night.  Of course at the time of the victory, Ed Rothenheber had taken over for me so I can make airport runs.  Thus, the Papacy was able to win.  Cause and effect relationship.


Other games began to trickle in as usual throughout the day on Friday, causing a number of games to hit the tables.  These included more Twilight Struggle as well as Ticket to Ride, Dominion, Monsters Menace America, Last Will, London and Chess.  No basketball was played this year, but we did have a number of swimmers to take advantage of that aspect of staying at Granville Towers.  By the time 6pm rolled around, the room was ready for the 26th annual Dixiecon Diplomacy tournament to begin in earnest.


Three boards were announced, no one at all complained about their board or country assignments, and the action commenced!  There were no wins at Dixiecon this year, for the first time in a while, but the Round 1 results were important to the ultimate tournament standings as Game 1C ended in a two-way draw between Pete Yeargin's Germany and Doc Binder's France, eventually leading them to a one-two finish in the final results.  Game 1A was a particularly long one, lasting until 1911 when Graham Woodring's Turkey was stopped at 16 by some combination of  Ecton, Turnage and Maltz.


Friday night non-Dip action included more players than the 21 playing Dip, which has become standard at Dixiecon.  Games played that night included Through the Ages, and yet more Twilight Struggle/Chess/Last Will.  In addition to the late night poker, the other game that debuted Friday night was Virgin Queen, the Here I Stand sequel that was to see 4.5 games played throughout the weekend.  Given the popularity of Here I Stand with both the current and former Dip players at Dixiecon, VQ was bound to make such a splash just weeks after its release by GMT Games.  Most reviews were very positive - no doubt VQ will be played many, many times at future Hickcons and Dixiecons, as well as other Dip tournaments throughout the country.


On Saturday morning, Round 2 of Diplomacy also doubles as the Dixiecon Team Tournament.  Ecton and Richardson sewed up another Brick award this year by submitting two different teams with them on each.  Um, no.  Once the three boards began, though, humor was out and the knives in as all three games were to last into the early evening.  I do not believe it has ever happened at Dixie before than no games were concluded prior to the 5pm break for barbeque.  Clearly the players were taking these games very, very seriously.  Game 2A was, of course, a complete travesty freak-of-nature as the EFG triple formed with Chris Martin, Tom Kobrin and Richard Maltz and they swept the board to an 11-11-11 three way draw in 1913.  Yuck.  Game 2C ended in 1912 with another two-way draw that included eventual tournament winner Peter Yeargin, this time with partner Tim Richardson in an EF face-crush of the rest of the board.


Saturday for the non-Dip gamers was a complete free-for-all as many, many additional titles were added to the list of played games.  This included two games of Outpost, Princes of the Renaissance, Survive, Combat Commander, Puerto Rico, Maori, Munchkin Ctulthu (I kid you not), Axis and Allies D-Day, Primordial Soup, Hawaii, and Bang.  Repeat games included Virgin Queen, Twilight, Poker, Through the Ages and a bloody game of Here I Stand that began at bloody 2:30am!


As has become standard there was a dropoff of Diplomacy players for the Sunday morning round.  Some succumb to sleep deprivation from gaming or, ahem, other activities from the night before - others bail on Dip to try their hands at other games.  At any rate, both games ended well before the time limit, with the three-way draw in 3B helping to lift Tim Richardson to his first top three finish at Dixiecon.  Actually he and Doc Binder are both new entrants to the Dixiecon Hall of Fame (top three finishers each year) and Peter Yeargin became the newest member of the Order of the Knife (Dixiecon champions.)  Non-Dip gaming during the day on Sunday included Twixt, Glory to Rome, Battlestar Gallactica, Power Grid, Wrasslin, and repeat titles Puerto Rico, Monsters, VQ and Munchkin.


As usual many Con goers went off to eat together after the award ceremony, this year to a steakhouse, and then it was back to gaming for most.  Sunday night gaming was all over the map, but the big games were yet another Virgin Queen and another Outpost.  VQ was certainly the Game of the Con this year in terms of non-Dip gaming, although Dixiecon staple Outpost was in the running as usual, as was Twilight Struggle.  All in all, a fun time was had.


If you are reading this and would like to game with much of the same crowd before next year's Dixiecon, please let me know so I can confer with you about the date for our annual Hickcon house convention, hosted now by Ken and Debbie Gutermuth at their Hickory games palace.  It is usually around the last couple of weekends in October, depending on schedules.  Diplomacy players also have lots of cool options for more Dip this season, including World Dipcon second weekend of August and the possible last Huskycon on Long Island the following weekend.


2012 Diplomacy tournament results:
1. Peter Yeargin           448
2. Michael Binder         392
3. Tim Richardson        368
4. Tom Kobrin             348
5. Jeff Ladd                  344
5. Doug Moore            344
7. Richard Maltz           336
8. Adam Sigal               328
9. Edwin Turnage         216
10. Graham Woodring 209
11. Andy Bartalone      185
12. Brian Ecton            176
13. Chris Martin           174
14. Travis McTighe      166
15. Jimmy Koehler       128
16. Claude Worrell       77
17. Nate Cockerill        70
18. Brian Lee               66
19. Stephen Weingarten 75.3
20. Chris Barfield         38
Ineligible players (1 round only)
Dave Maletksy, Tyler Mollenkopf, Rich O'Brien


Best Countries


A         Doug Moore/Jeff Ladd 3way, 9

E          Pete Yeargin                             2way, 15

F          Michael Binder             2way, 11

G         Pete Yeargin                             2way, 12

I           Jeff Ladd                                  3way, 12

R          Tom Kobrin                             3way, 11

T          Graham Woodring                    3way, 16


Team Champions:  Team Car Crash (Ladd, Ecton, Richardson)

I Got Hammered:  Dave Maletsky

Brick:  Brian Ecton and Tim Richardson (again!)

Golden Blade:  Jeff Ladd

Player's Choice:  Michael "Doc" Binder


Iron Man Tournament (non-Dip gaming)

1.  Bruce Duewer         33.5

2.  Kevin Brown           26.5

3.  Dan Mathias            23.5

4.  Mike Lowrey          23

5.  Adam Nicewarner   23


Other non-Dip players this year:  Ken Mathias, Heather Duewer, Ravindra Prasad, Mary Prasad, Steve Koehler, David Hood, Dan Mathias, Carol Mathias, Ed Rothenheber, Jesse Martin, Craig Good, Beth Good, Nathan Turnage, Alison Blake, Bruce Allen, Bruce Reiff, Jim MacDonald, Dave Long, Steve Nicewarner


Total Attendance - 42


Game 1A - EFT Draw 1911

A  Brian Lee  0

E  Brian Ecton  9

F  Edwin Turnage  6

G  Andy Bartalone  0

I  Rich O'Brien  0

R  Richard Maltz  3

T  Graham Woodring  16


Game 1B - AGR Draw 1906

A  Doug Moore  9

E  Jeff Ladd  1

F  Stephen Weingarten  1

G  Adam Sigel  11

I  Chris Barfield  0

R  Tom Kobrin  11

T  Tim Richardson  1


Game 1C - FG Draw 1907

A  Nate Cockerill  4

E  Travis McTighe  0

F  Michael Binder  12

G  Peter Yeargin  12

I  Dave Maletsky  0

R  Claude Worrell  0

T  James Koehler  6


Game 2A - EFG Draw (!) 1913 (!)

A  Travis McTighe  0

E  Richard Maltz  11

F  Chris Martin  11

G  Tom Kobrin  11

I  Brian Ecton  0

R  Nate Cockerill  0

T  Chris Barfield  1


Game 2B - AER Draw 1911

A  Jeff Ladd  9

E  Doug Moore  12

F  Brian Lee  3

G  James Koehler  0

I  Stephen Weingarten  0

R  Andy Bartalone  10

T  Michael Binder  0


Game 2C - EF Draw 1912

A  Claude Worrell  5

E  Peter Yeargin  15

F  Tim Richardson  9

G  Graham Woodring  0

I  Tyler Mollenkopf  0

R  Adam Sigel  0

T  Edwin Turnage  5


Game 3A - GIT Draw 1908

A  Chris Martin  0

E  James Koehler  5

F  Brian Ecton  0

G  Richard Maltz  8

I  Jeff Ladd  12

R  Brian Lee  0

T  Travis McTighe  9


Game 3B - GIT Draw 1906

A  Andy Bartalone  0

E  Graham Woodring  0

F  Tom Kobrin  0

G  Michael Binder  11

I  Tim Richardson  8

R  Pete Yeargin  9

T  Adam Sigel  6

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