DIXIECON 35 - May 28-30, 2021

Premier Diplomacy Event of the South

1.  Adam Sigal                  512
2.  Richard Maltz              360
3.  Brian Ecton                 348
4.  Jeff Ladd                     324
5.  Todd Craig                  286.8
5.  Edwin Turnage             286.8
7.  Chris Martin                 232
8.  Michael Cannon           208
9.  Elizabeth Boudreaux     200
10. Conrad Woodring        183
11. Tyler Mollenkopf          171
12. Ken Mathias                 140.8
13. Brian Lee                      112
14. Tim Richardson             62
15. Jimmy Koehler              30
16. Steve Mauris                 10
IN - Ineligible - 1 Round Only
IN  David Hood                  38
IN  David Maletsky            116.8
IN  Dan Mathias                 118
IN  Bobby Norton               28
IN  Rich O'Brien                 108.8
IN  Ike Porter                      10

Golden Blade Award                               Death with Dignity
Chris Martin                                             Jimmy Koehler
I Got Hammered                                      The Brick
Steve Mauris                                            Chris Martin
Player's Choice                                         Team Tournament
Elizabeth Boudreaux                                 I'm No Good At Names
Best Country Awards
Best Austria          Brian Ecton             3way, 14 centers
Best England         Adam Sigal             3way, 10
Best France           Adam Sigal             Win
Best Germany       Conrad Woodring    3way, 11
Best Italy               Todd Craig             3way, 8
Best Russia            Jeff Ladd                3way, 8
Best Turkey           Chris Martin            3way, 11

Game 1A - FGT Draw
A    Edwin Turnage
E    Steve Mauris
F    Richard Maltz
G   Conrad Woodring
I     Tim Richardson
R    Bobby Norton
T    Brian Ecton
Game 1B - EGT Draw
A    Adam Sigal
E    Tyler Mollenkopf
F    Jimmy Koehler
G    Jeff Ladd
I      Ken Mathias
R    Chris Martin
T    Elizabeth Boudreaux
Game 2A - F Win
A    Tyler Mollenkopf
E     Jimmy Koehler
F     Adam Sigal
G     David Hood
I      Brian Lee
R     Conrad Woodring
T      Dan Mathias
Game 2B - AIR Draw
A      Brian Ecton
E      Tim Richardson
F      Elizabeth Boudreaux
G      Ike Porter
I       Michael Cannon
R      Jeff Ladd
T      Steve Mauris
Game 2C - EFGRT Draw
A      Chris Martin
E      Ken Mathias
F      Rich O'Brien
G      Dave Maletsky
I        Richard Maltz
R      Edwin Turnage
T      Todd Craig
Game 3A - AIF Draw
A      Richard Maltz
E       Jeff Ladd
F       Edwin Turnage
G      Tim Richardson
I        Todd Craig
R       Brian Lee
T       Conrad Woodring
Game 3B - EFT Draw
A       Elizabeth Boudreaux
E       Adam Sigal
F       Brian Ecton
G       Steve Mauris
I        Jimmy Koehler
R       Michael Cannon
T       Chris Martin

Iron Man (Non-Dip Gaming)
1.   Bruce Duewer   55.5 (10 different games)
2.   Rick Desper      36.5 (11)
3.   Michael Hines   34 (16)
4.   Kevin Brown      29 (13)
5.   Mary Prasad      25.5 (8)

Non-Dip Players (in no order)
Bruce Duewer         Jim McDanold         Jeremy Vipperman
Kevin Brown             Nathan Turnage         Michael Hines
Justin Thompson        George Harris            Ed Rothenheber
Carol Mathias            Tom Kobrin                Mary Prasad
Ravindra Prasad            Bruce Reiff            Michael Lowrey
Wray Ferrell                Ken Gutermuth         Steve Koehler
Debbie Gutermuth         John Hood            Rick Desper
Mike Brophy            Jackson Turnage         Craig Good
Wendy Campbell         Robert Koehler

Well, it's pretty much official.  Dixiecon is pretty much full of Dip retreads these days.  We had 26 players who played no Dip at all at the 2009 Dixiecon, and 22 players that did!  And the vast majority of the Dip players played other games in the Iron Man, our tournament for non-Dip players.

Oh well.

The action began as usual with open gaming on Thursday night.  This year the Thursday pack consisted of Bruce Allen, George Harris, Rich O'Brien and David Hood.  Had some traditional stuff, like Puerto Rico / Ticket to Ride / Dominion, as well as a goofy but fun little game of something called King of Siam.

Friday am we had many more players begin to arrive, including a bunch playing to get in a game of Here I Stand before the Friday night Dip round.  In addition to a little basketball, as usual on Friday afternoon, games seen during this scene included 1846, St Pete, Claim It, Plague and Pestilence, Bang, Agricola, Outpost, Flux and the Here I Stand gang.

Oh no, the list goes on.  Glory of Rome, The Bottle Imp, Tichu, Dominion, Rome v. Rome, High Society, 1848, and Caylus.  Without a doubt this year saw the most different titles played, when you include both the open gaming and the Iron Man events.

And there was some Dip too, once the round started at 6:30 or so.  Conrad Woodring and Richard Maltz got things going in 1A with an FG alliance that swept to 26 centers between them in 1911, sharing a three way draw with Brian Ecton's Turkey.  Conrad's girlfriend Elizabeth Boudreaux, playing in her first game ever, thought it would be fun to be in a three way draw.  So she did, as Turkey, with the EG of Dixiecon veterans Mollenkopf and Ladd.

Saturday morning doubled as Round Two and as the Team Tournament for Dip, eventually won by a team that included the eventual Dixiecon winner Adam Sigal  - but that would have won against all the other teams even without his score!

Sigal did win his game, over a field of pretty good players, though it took until 1916!  His France took 18 against a 12 center second by Dan Mathias in Turkey.  2B saw Ladd and Ecton get another draw, this time with Michael Cannon who had missed Round 1.  Game 2C was, well, it ended as a five-way in 1907, so that is probably all that needs to be said about that one...

Saturday Iron Man gaming was well-attended and varied.  There was hardly room for everyone in the gaming venue.  Titles seen for the first time at the Con included 18Coast-to-Coast (a gigantic game for the 18XX crowd), Chess, Wasabi, Kremlin (good lord what a dinosaur!), Vinci, Princes of the Renaissance, Twilight Struggle, Fruit Fair, Twixt, Letter Roll, Britannia, Modern Art, Battlestar Gallactica, Munchkin, and Time's Up.  This does not include the many repeats from Friday.

We had the usual 5pm break for North Carolina style barbeque, then it was back to the boards!

Back to Dip on Sunday morning, where Sigal sealed his Dixiecon win with a draw as England in 3B, while 3A had a strong AI alliance dominate in the east with Maltz again and long,longtime Dixiecon regular Todd Craig sharing a draw with the France of another Dixiecon denizen Edwin Turnage.  The non-Dip gaming included Campaign Trail (otherwise known as Reiff and Gutermuth roll lots o dice), Settlers, Agricola, Twixt, Chess, Twilight Struggle, RoboRally, Battlestar, Railroad Tycoon, Brass, and more of this year's Game of the Con - Here I Stand.

Because the Dip games were both over before time was called, the Sunday awards ceremony was over very early.  So it was off to the Sunday night dinner, this time Japanese Steakhouse, and then back to open gaming all Sunday evening for about 20 of us.  Highlights included Here I Stand that lasted almost til morning, and the traditional game of prehistoric evolution and Milankovitch cycles, American Megafauna.  Usually the game (well, it's less of a game and more of an experience) does not end  - but this year it really did, with an actual winner, Bruce Allen.

And that was Dixiecon 2009.  If you did not make it this year I hope 2010 will see you back in Chapel Hill.  And don't forget our roving western NC housecon coming up this fall, Hickcon.  In its 19th year it looks like we will be at a new location - the spiffy new abode of Debbie and Ken Gutermuth in Hickory!  So if you are interested, please contact David Hood to get on the list.