DIXIECON 35 - May 28-30, 2021

Premier Diplomacy Event of the South

PREZCON 2005 Report and Results

This long-running games tournament in Charlottesville, VA now features a Diplomacy tournament run by the CADs using the Dixiecon system and rules. If you want another chance at no-time-limit, no-hold-barred Diplomacy action, check out the Prezcon website at www.prezcon.com

PREZCON was February 23-27, 2005 at the Doubletree Inn in Charlottesville, VA.

This year Mike McMillie finally won the tournament after several strong results at tournaments in past years. This was the year of the 3-way draw as the players involved apparently did not have the opportunity to go for a win. Two of the games were very long affairs, ending in 1910 and 1912, very early in the morning on Sunday. Still, there were enough players to get a game going for the third round beginning at 8am!

The numbers were down some from last year's Prezcon, which had 30 participants. There were several reasons for this, but we hope to have a smashing event next year when we will (hopefully) be hosting Dipcon as well.

Since Prezcon has many tournaments other than Dip, there were lots of games played by Dippers on the side when not playing in the Diplomacy tournament. In the Dip room itself, games such as Age of Renaissance, Evo, Ticket to Ride, Texas Hold'em, Napoleon at Marengo, Settlers of Catan, Transamerica, St Petersburg, Cartagena were played by David Hood, Bruce Allen, Wilson Hood, Dave Maletsky, Dan Mathias, Jeff Ladd, Rick Desper, and others.

Here are the 2005 results:

1. Mike McMillie 352 pts
2/3. Lisa Foster 344
2/3. Doug Moore 344
4. Tom Kobrin 316
5. Joe Wheeler 288
6. Roy Rink 204
7. Andy Bartalone 196
8. Andy Marshall 194
9. Jeff Ladd 150
10. Bruce Ray 60
11. Claude Worrell 44
12. Dave Maletsky 34
13. Lori Fleming 30
14. Brian Lee 10
IN Rick Desper (Played 1 game)
IN Tim Richardson
IN Rod Spade

Best Country Awards:
Austria - Lisa Foster
England - Lisa Foster
France - Mike McMillie
Germany - Andy Bartalone
Italy - Mike McMillie
Russia - Roy Rink
Turkey - Andy Marshall

Golden Blade AND I Got Hammered - Roy Rink

PREZCON 2004 Results:

1. Chris Martin
2. Doug Moore
3. Tom Kobrin
4. Lori Fleming (tie)
4. Andy Bartalone (tie)
6. Joe Wheeler
7. Brian Shelden

Golden Blade: Doug Moore
I Got Hammered: Evan Perlman