DIXIECON 35 - May 28-30, 2021

Premier Diplomacy Event of the South

Dixiecon 18 began, as usual, with some Thursday night open gaming for early attendees. The Fab Four of Bob Odear, Rhonda Horinka, Bruce Allen and David Hood christened the gaming room at Granville Towers with some Samurai and some Puerto Rico.

On Friday the Diplomacy players began to seep in to Chapel Hill throughout the day. Some came early so they could play our annual pickup basketball, which is a real sight if you have never seen a bunch of gamers trying to hit really difficult shots, like layups for example... Justin Thompson and David Hood, being the basketball gods they are, decided to stay in and play 1812 instead. This was the first, but the not the last, of the popular Columbia block games to see play over the weekend.

When the Diplomacy started at the usual 6pm on Friday night, the GM decided to stall a little to allow Doug Moore to arrive for Round One. I am sure the rest of the field appreciated this when the overall results were announced Sunday afternoon...

There were five boards Friday night. Obviously the most important result of the evening was Doug Moore's Italian win in game 1C. The only other strong result was in 1E. where Ecton and Marshall took an RF draw at 12 and 15 centers, respectively. The non-Dip gaming for the evening consisted on a LOOONNNGG game of 18EU, including Jim Yerkey, Ed Rothenheber, Bruce Duewer, Greg Fairbanks and Jon Kwiatkowski. There were also games of Puerto Rico, Carcasonne, and the ubiquitous Age of Renaissance.

Five boards were also in play for the Saturday morning round, which also doubles as the 3-man team competition. All five results were 3-way draws, including FAT, FRT, FGT, ERT and AER. Game 2B featured veteran player and Knifer Chris Martin being reduced to one center after Fall 1902 while playing ENGLAND! That takes real skill.

Iron Man gaming continued with more AOR, PR, Lunar Rails and a smashing game of Titan with a good player who won (Rothenheber) and some, ahem, players who did not (Fairbanks, Kevin Brown, Hood and Jammin' Jason Bergmann.)

After the yummy Eastern NC barbeque for supper, it was time for an amazing array of games played during the Saturday night gaming session. This observer saw: Plague and Pestilence, Flux, Hammer of the Scots, Outpost, Lost Cities, Magic:the Gathering, Titan: The Arena, Settlers: The Game Hood Cannot Win But Still Enjoys, 18EU, Poker, RoboRally, Attika, Naval War, PR, Acquire, Battle Line and A Game of Thrones. Obviously doing away with Diplomacy for that time slot greatly increased the participation in the Iron Man competition.

Sunday saw, yep you guessed it, five more Dip boards for Round 3. Could anyone catch Doug Moore's win from Friday night? Answer: no. Just a bunch of three, four and five-way draws. After the awards ceremony, it was time for Mexican food, shopping at Steve Nicewarner's game store, and more open gaming until late Sunday night. All in all, we had 50 gamers to invade the lower level of Granville for the weekend for yet another successful Dixiecon.

A Lisa Foster 10
E Steve Koehler 10
F David Maletsky -
G Eric Mead 3
I Heath Gardner -
R Jeff Ladd 2
T Bruce Reiff 9

A Rick Desper 8
E Tyler Mallenkopf 9
F Sean Cable 9
G Jay Heumann -
I Chris Martin -
R Aaron Dixon -
T Graham Woodring 8

GAME 1C - I win
A Conrad Woodring -
E Brian Shelden 3
F Travis McTighe -
G Todd Craig 2
I Doug Moore 18
R Andy Bartalone 9
T Mike Barno 2

A Brian Lee 5
E Justin Thompson 9
F Chris Barfield -
G Tim Richardson 8
I Lori Fleming 9
R Grant Flowers 3
T Adam Sigel -

A Daniel Kolbas 6
E Harry Frazer -
F Andy Marshall 15
G Corey Mason 1
I Evan Perlman -
R Brian Ecton - 12
T Kevin Brown -

A Andy Marshall 7
E Mike Barno -
F Brian Lee 10
G David Maletsky 5
I Aaron Dixon -
R Emily Turnage 4
T Todd Craig 8

A Tyler Mallenkopf -
E Chris Martin -
F Adam Sigel 6
G Brian Ecton 3
I Brian Shelden 2
R Tim Richardson 10
T Heath Gardner 13

A Steve Koehler -
E Lisa Foster -
F Conrad Woodring 10
G Edwin Turnage 10
I Chris Barfield -
R Harry Frazer 4
T Sean Cable 10

A Jeff Ladd 11
E Rick Desper 15
F Daniel Kolbas -
G Spencer McCrumb -
I Grant Flowers -
R Doug Moore 8
T Jay Heumann -

A Bruce Duewer -
E Andy Bartalone 16
F Evan Perlman -
G Bruce Reiff -
I Graham Woodring -
R Corey Mason 9
T Eric Mead 9

A Adam Sigel -
E Jeff Ladd 9
F Corey Mason 9
G Mike Barno -
I Sean D'Espagnier -
R Chris Barfield -
T Rick Desper 16

A Sean Cable 11
E Eric Mead 11
F Jason Bergmann -
G Grant Flowers 10
I Andy Bartalone -
R Edwin Turnage -
T Daniel Kolbas 2

A Brian Shelden 1
E Lori Fleming 14
F Lisa Foster 2
G Aaron Dixon -
I David Maletsky -
R Conrad Woodring 9
T Brian Ecton 8

GAME 3D - AFGIR Nightmare
A Harry Frazer 1
E Doug Moore -
F David Hood 12
G Graham Woodring 7
I Jay Heumann 9
R Heath Gardner 5
T Brian Lee -

GAME 3E - FITE (for your right to suck)
A Evan Perlman 1
E Tim Richardson 8
F Steve Koehler 2
G Travis McTighe -
I Tyler Mollenkopf 12
R Andy Marshall -
T Chris Martin 12

1. Doug Moore 504
2. Andy Marshall 388
3. Rick Desper 384
4. Brian Ecton 356
5. Sean Cable 344
6/7. Jeff Ladd 340
6/7. Eric Mead 340
8/9. Corey Mason 332
8/9. Tim Richardson 332
10. Lori Fleming 328
11. Conrad Woodring 312
12. Andy Bartalone 300
13. Tyler Mollenkopf 296
14. Heath Gardner 290.8
15/16. Lisa Foster 284
15/16. Steve Koehler 284
17. Graham Woodring 254.8
18. Brian Lee 224
19. Grant Flowers 202
20. Todd Craig 197
21. Bruce Reiff 182
22. Adam Sigel 181
23. Edwin Turnage 180
24. Chris Martin 164
25. Harry Frazer 142.8
26. Jay Heumann 124.8
27. Daniel Kolbes 116
28. Brian Shelden 90
29. David Maletsky 64
30. Mike Barno 62
31. Evan Perlman 54
32. Aaron Dixon 30
33. Chris Barfield 15
34. Travis McTighe 0
IN Justin Thompson 166
IN David Hood 136.8
IN Emily Turnage 36
IN Sean D'Espagnier 10
IN Spencer McCrumb 10
IN Jason Bergmann 0
IN Kevin Brown 0
IN Bruce Duewer 0